Lindfield FC Juniors and cookies

Most of the websites you visit will store tiny text files on your computer when you visit them, so that the site can remember things about you the next time you visit. These text files are known as "cookies".

Cookies can be put to all sorts of different uses, including: remembering if a visitor has logged in so they can access private areas of a website; remembering visitors' specific preferences and settings; tracking what pages of a website visitors are browsing to.

Some websites use cookies to observe visitors' browsing habits and then serve targeted advertising to them. Lindfield FC Juniors does not set any cookies that observe browsing behaviour for the purposes of advertising or marketing.

As well as the cookies this website sets on your computer, some other websites can also set cookies whilst you browse Lindfield FC Juniors. This is through embedded third-party content, from places like Facebook or Twitter.

What cookies does Lindfield FC Juniors set?

We have split our cookies into three categories: strictly essential; website information; and third-party.

Controlling cookies from Lindfield FC Juniors?

Some people find the idea of websites setting cookies intrusive. If you want to restrict all or certain cookies, you can do so through your browser settings. Instructions of how to do so will vary from browser to browser, but you can find out more at

Some browsers have a Do Not Track option which allows you to tell websites you don't want your browsing behaviour and patterns tracked, but to still accept those cookies websites class as strictly essential. More information about Do Not Track can be found at

You can set your preferences with Lindfield FC Juniors and manage exactly which cookies you do or don't permit to be set on your computer or phone.

Lindfield FC Juniors should still work if you disable cookies, but some features and functionality may be lost if you do so. Also, remember that you will have to adjust the cookie settings for each browser and device that you visit Lindfield FC Juniors with (eg, your home computer, work computer, mobile phone etc).